Ohana Volleyball Club
Des Moines, Iowa

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2013/2014 Season Tryouts:

Tryouts for the Ohana Volleyball Club's 2013/14 season are now complete!  Congratulations to all the players who made our volleyball teams and thank you to all the players who tried out for the Ohana Volleyball Club.  We look forward to seeing all of you again in 2014!

2014 Ohana Volleyball Club Camps (Girls):

The Ohana Volleyball Club Camps are designed to help prepare players for the upcoming tryout schedule for the club season.  Up to eight coaches (many with CAP I coaching certification) will work on all skills necessary to help players make an impact on the court.  All girls are welcome to participate regardless of their previous club affiliation.  Our camps are now complete for the 2013 season.  Thank you to the over 150 girls and boys who participated in this year's Ohana Volleyball Club camps.  We'll see you in October, 2014! 

2013 Ohana Volleyball Club Camps (Boys):

The Ohana Volleyball Club held another very successful boys volleyball camp in 2013.  We plan to have two 8th Grade/14U teams and to expand our volleyball camps for boys in 2014!

2014 Ohana Group & Individual Clinic Sessions:

The Ohana Group & Individual Clinic Sessions are designed to help players develop volleyball skills in six different areas (hitting, passing, setting, serving, blocking, and digging).  Each player works one-on-one ($45 per hour) or in small groups ($35 per hour) with an Ohana Volleyball Coach (most of whom are CAP-I certified).  These sessions give players the ability to increase their skill level during the off-season in preparation for school volleyball and club volleyball.  Registration is now open for all players!  All club affiliations are welcome!  Please fill out the Registration Form below.  All clinic sessions will be held at either Des Moines Christian High School (13007 Douglas Parkway in Urbandale) or The U (1350 SE Gateway Drive, Suite 106 in Grimes).  There is no payment necessary when you register.  All payments will be required when your player attends their clinic session(s).

Ohana VBC Group & Individual Clinics Registration Form

Fill out all the information requested on the form below and then press the "Submit" button.  You will need to fill out a new form for each clinic session that you request.  If you have multiple entries, you will only need to fill out the players name and clinic information on any requests after the first entry submitted.  If you plan to register for 10 or more clinics, you can e-mail Joe Ledesma, Jr. at joeledesma@ohanavbc.com directly instead of filling out this form and provide details of your clinic requests.  After submitting you request(s), you will receive a confirmation e-mail within 48 hours either accepting your requested date and times or suggesting alternative options if your requested session is full.  If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within 48 hours, please e-mail Joe Ledesma, Jr. at the e-mail provided above.

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